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Information Management Services

Information Management Systems Portfolio

Professional web based business solutions engineered to your specific requirements

Bespoke software for specialist and niche markets, including:

  • Corporate systems to manage transactions and finances
  • Medical systems to manage patients and clinical information
  • Automated order fulfillment and licensing systems
  • Business process automation
  • Product list configuration and quoting tools

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Recent projects

Egg Bank Management System - Aevitas Fertility Clinic

software engineer

The Egg Bank at Aevitas Fertility Clinic holds the hopes and dreams of many couples that wish for a child of their own. Healthy eggs donated to the Egg Bank are classified and indexed with the EBMS - Egg Bank Management System. From this database, prospective recipients can select a donor portfolio that matches their personal preferences. PrimeLogic developed the EBMS and it was launched in December 2019.

For more information, visit Aevitas Fertility Clinic


Sales Tracking System - Harcourts South Africa

software engineer
This web based conveyance tracking system enables the tight management of property sales contracts and associated financial processes. Operated on branch level and by head office, the Harcourts Transaction Reporting and Controlling Kit enables the progress of property sales to be tracked, commission to be calculated and management reports to be extracted nationwide. 

Member Information Management System - Judo South Africa

software engineer
The JSA Information Management System provides effective management and control to JSA management and regions to manage national membership registration of individuals, clubs and regions. It also houses the technical accreditation levels of all judokas, coaches, technical officials, referees, kata judges and grading masters in South Africa. The system is used to identify training and coaching deficiencies of individuals and enables the selection of accredited officials for national and international events, based on an individual's latest ratified accreditation level. Reports can be drawn on member, club, regional and national level. 

Automated Licensing System - Jasco DataVoice

software engineer
The ALS replaced a manual licensing mechanism which was used to issue product licenses to customers. The automated system enables 24-7 response to requests for licensing. This is especially effective during commissioning, as most sites are commissioned after hours and over weekends. ALS also manages the re-issuing of licenses due to system relocation or replacement. The system eliminates the provision of human resources to interact with the customer to issue licenses specific to on-site machines, saving on cost of resource availability, reducing down-time and eliminating contingency risks. The financial audit trail of licenses is tightly managed as the ALS ties in with the order fulfilment system.

DataVoice Pricing Tool - Jasco DataVoice

software engineer
A software tool was developed to enable the client to present its pricelist and configure quotations in a user friendly manner, suitable for use by channel managers and sales persons with limited technical product knowledge. With a extremely flexible database design, the administrator of the Pricing Tool can set attributes and change and/or create associations between attributes very easily. The process of providing quotations is automated as far as possible and the tool is easy to use. 
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