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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Imagine a world where bridges were not properly designed by engineers, but merely constructed on an experimental trial-and-error basis to see if it will work...

Just like civil engineers ensure that the design and construction of a bridge is functional, reliable, safe, practical and cost-effective, professional software engineers ensure that software is properly designed within a disciplined structure to provide a high standard of functionality, reliability and security whilst minimising risk and maximizing performance. This way, the software is developed right the first time providing a cost effective and practical working solution.

With 3 decades of experience in software engineering, PrimeLogic has a track record of delivering professional software solutions with exceptionally long life spans.

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Software Development Phases

Problem Analysis

In-depth consultation to understand your business problem and determine the user requirements. It is imperative that the core of the problem is understood before any attempt is made to try and solve it. An effective software solution can only be designed once the problem and requirements are fully understood.

Solution Design

Interactive design of a solution for your problem. This typically involves fast prototyping and design workshops to demonstrate and refine the design. The essence of the design is captured in a software development specification, a document that forms the baseline of the development. The specification is presented and reviewed in detail, and the mutual acceptance thereof is required before the development of the software commences. The contractual agreement is typically finalised at this point as well. 

Software Development

Development of the software solution involves regular feedback sessions and demonstrations. Provision is made for "evolution", i.e. as the project matures, requirements may grow or even change. PrimeLogic offers flexible development models, allowing for evolving requirements, but always based on structured engineering principles and methodologies to ensure a quality product. 

Roll-out Management

Planning of roll-out and commissioning. Logistics and operational planning, establishing procedures and training users. The most vulnerable phase of a project is the commissioning: the point in time where the solution is rolled out in the "real-life" environment. PrimeLogic offers extensive commissioning services to ensure a smooth roll-out and implementation. 

Software Maintenance

Upkeep of software, problem resolution and service packs are part of an optional maintenance agreement. 
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